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Tina - The Tina Turner Musical: Black History Month

Crafting a framework to amplify Black voices on social.

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For nearly 500 performances, TINA — The Tina Turner Musical exhilarated Broadway with Tina Turner’s inspirational story. After introducing audiences to our show with a laser focus on the iconic Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll, her trailblazing music, and the breakout lead performance, by the start of 2022 the national conversation surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement inspired a shift in perspective. Black History Month 2022 presented an opportunity to shine the spotlight beyond a central star, giving the entire company a platform to raise their voices.

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We concepted and executed a social campaign to celebrate and honor Black History Month, featuring the TINA on Broadway ensemblists.

Coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic and coinciding institutional changes in both the nation and within the theater industry, it was essential to give Black voices ownership of Black history. As one of only two Broadway shows open in February 2022 that focused on Black stories, TINA was in a key position to be a leading voice during Black History Month. Rather than highlighting historical figures, we centered on turning the camera over to the company.


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A Mosaic

Leading up to Black History Month, the TINA cast was presented with the following prompt: “Black History is _____.” Rather than asking the participants to self-tape, we arranged a formal shoot, ensuring that the polished final videos were of a high-standard worthy of the moment. The actors were asked to give a testimonial, sharing a personal story of someone who embodies their response to this prompt. Themes explored by the TINA ensemblists included “POWER.” “LEGACY.” “PERSEVERANCE.” Together, these individual intimate moments formed a mosaic, reflecting the deep-rooted connections in Black stories and Black history.


TINA engaged in a cultural moment in a thoughtful and personal way. Situation received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the cast and the producing team, who felt strongly that this was an appropriately refreshing way to embrace Black History Month, offering an authentic approach that wasn’t performative or virtue-signaling. Fans were eager to join in the conversation, both celebrating and supporting the ensemblists. The TINA team expressed their excitement to continue to lead with cast contributions and thoughtful campaigns which bridge the gap between timely conversation both within our theater, city and country. The Broadway production might be closed, but the first leg of their North America Tour is rolling across America, offering new stories to tell and new voices to tell them.


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