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Startin’ Somethin’ – An MJ Docu-Series

Documenting the journey to Broadway.

The cast of MJ singing and dancing, led by MJ


In June 2021, the highly anticipated Broadway musical MJ announced that newcomer Myles Frost would make his Broadway debut starring as MJ. Both Michael Jackson and Myles were entering the Broadway spotlight for the first time and it was our job to get people invested in its star before December’s first preview. We needed a campaign as compelling as our legendary subject and as charismatic as our new rising star.

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We determined that a three-part docu-series was the perfect way to build momentum amongst fans and provide a unique behind-the-scenes look at Myles’ journey to Broadway.

Video allowed us to showcase the whirlwind and well-deserved journey Myles and his community went on as they prepared to bring MJ to Broadway. It served as the kickoff for the docu-series featuring never-before-seen interviews with Myles’ family, teachers, mentors, and the creative team behind MJ, alongside intimate footage inside the sacred spaces where people come of age and musicals are made.

Episode one took us to his roots. Before Myles was cast as MJ, he was a young man in Maryland with a dream of performing, dancing to Michael Jackson’s iconic music in this kitchen.

Episode two took us into the studio with Rich + Tone Talauega, legendary choreographers who worked directly with Michael Jackson throughout his career.

Episode three took us behind the scenes of the rehearsal process where we see Myles in the room with the company of MJ, creating and shaping the future Tony Award®-winning musical. At the age of 22, Myles went on to make history as the youngest person to win a Tony Award® for Best Actor in a Musical.


This docu-series turned a Broadway newcomer into a fan favorite before he even stepped onto the stage. With special features from the cast and creative team, fans felt like they were right there in the rehearsal room alongside them. The MJ team was thrilled with the result and the response, and felt that our docu-series campaign was a strong and engaging way to introduce Myles to the Broadway community.

834,000 Total Video Views

Our team was able to offer a unique look at Myles’ journey to Broadway, building anticipation and garnering 834,000 video views.

27,971 Total Engagements

With 27,971 engagements, we broadened our fanbase and solidified our community by offering them a behind-the-scenes look.

2022 Clio Award and Clio Shortlist

Situation’s work on this three-part docu-series earned us a Clio Award and a Clio Shortlist in 2022.