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The mission of Situation Project is to provide arts-deprived public-school students access and exposure to world-class New York City arts and culture experiences. We deliver at least two experiences for each student every year. We also provide hands-on activities that integrate technology with the arts, deepen student encounters, and inspire the leaders of tomorrow.

The Solution:

There are approximately two million empty seats on Broadway every year with an average ticket price of $100. That’s leaving over $500,000 in equity empty every day. Furthermore, there are about one million New York City public school students. In theory, there are enough empty seats for each New York City student to see two shows a year. Logistics aside, the opportunity to create better citizens through eye-opening and cultural experiences is undeniably there.

By the time our students graduate the 8th grade, they will have seen at least six shows through Situation Project. Artist talk-backs, sessions with entertainment professionals, and on-site educational seminars also allow our students to gain more knowledge from the artists and crew.

The Results:

Before Situation Project, the number of kids in our founding school who applied to performing arts schools was about 0-2 out of a class of 100. By the time the first Situation Project class graduated, 16 students had applied.

While we are greatly encouraged by this metric, we don’t measure success in the number of students who decide to pursue the arts professionally after Situation Project. Instead, we look at the number of students who can make informed choices about the role the arts can play in their futures.

We now work with three public schools in New York City and, to date, we’ve created over 18,000 experiences. Everything we do is only possible through donations from our community and volunteers from our parent agency, Situation. We hope that this model can serve as inspiration for communities across the country.

Check out our feature on Forbes for more.

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