Case Studies

Oregon Shakespeare Festival: A New Look

Communicating the innovative and expansive possibilities of theatre.



Oregon Shakespeare Festival (OSF) was in need of key art for two of their projects: Quills Fest 2022 and The Cymbeline Project, both featured virtually on their O! Digital Stage.

What We Did

Key Art & Branding Development


To make these innovative works stand out, we collaborated with the Oregon Shakespeare Festival (OSF) team to create key art as unique as the projects themselves.

We conducted discovery sessions and did extensive research on OSF as an institution, as well as deep dives into the individual productions.

In addition to building on the successes of the previous year’s Quills Fest, we needed to expand the audience and raise the profile of the Festival. We also wanted to highlight the uniqueness of the festival’s VR component while making it accessible, inclusive, easy, and fun.

Cymbeline is one of Shakespeare’s lesser-known works, and this production was nontraditional, multidisciplinary, and presented in a digital format. The art had to communicate a lot and remain true to the subject matter and interpretation of the work without overwhelming consumers.

Understanding that the client was interested in referencing their history while also looking to the future, we decided to highlight the audience experience of ‘going to’ the festival. We focused on juxtaposing a modern attitude with the aesthetics of Shakespeare to create a fun world where contemporary and antique are all mixed and matched.


These pieces brought OSF’s signature fusion of modern and classic art to life across its marketing campaign throughout their respective runs.


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