Case Studies

Brooklyn Academy of Music:
A Location-Based Campaign

Targeting a hyper-local audience to increase movie ticket sales and build awareness for BAM Film post-pandemic.



The Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) was looking to rebuild its Film audience after the pandemic and re-establish BAM Film as a destination for local moviegoers. 

What We Did

Media Strategy


Using Meta’s zip code targeting capabilities and relying on machine learning to further select qualified audiences, we launched a broad targeting campaign to Brooklyn locals.


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Movie audiences are notoriously geographically-driven. Traveling a significant distance for a film is out of the question, unless it’s a rare gem.

The BAM Film team made changes to their moviegoing experience, including introducing wine and beer, and package discounts. To promote this, they wanted a campaign that would reintroduce local audiences to the new experience of seeing movies at BAM and position them as a competitor to other popular arthouse cinemas in the area.

Using Meta’s broad geotargeting capabilities, we targeted anyone within the closest zip codes to BAM with messages about the new Film experience and what movies were playing in the coming weeks. Simultaneously, we ran a parallel campaign targeting film fans in a wider geography to see whether the interest targeting or the geotargeting proved to be most important.


This local audience proved to be a top performer across reach, engagement, and ROI, so much so that the campaign remains active with new creative rotated in to promote the latest films.

Due to its success, we’ve started including this practice in other BAM campaigns across theater, education, and music, as well as with other clients with hyper-local programming.


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