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MJ London: Turning Excitement Into Ticket Sales

Create awareness among potential fans for MJ’s West End arrival to encourage ticket purchases during pre-sale.



MJ the Musical was looking to build off their Broadway momentum and make a big splash for their West End production by creating (and inspiring) a foundational fan base likely to participate in their exclusive fan pre-sale.

What We Did

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We pinpointed key moments in the six months leading up to on sale to run a three-part Lead Generation campaign.

Using Meta to generate cost-efficient leads, we began with an initial announcement to introduce the sale and build interest in a broad audience pool. We followed that up with a second campaign push eight weeks out from on sale to encourage participation.

Then, we created a lookalike model based on those initial sign-ups to continue to fuel the campaign with those most likely to purchase. 

In addition to the Meta campaign, we sent a series of emails in advance of the exclusive fan pre-sale to prime the list and build excitement. The emails included new video content, the announcement of Myles Frost making his West End debut in the Tony Award®-winning title role, and clear, simple instructions on how to secure tickets the day of the sale.


The campaign proved incredibly successful, ultimately creating a robust database of first-party data for us to email as part of the fan pre-sale which resulted in a 41% open rate. This allowed us to surpass our CPA goal of £2 per lead, with an overall £1.15 per lead rate. 

Fan pre-sale purchases made up 27% of initial onsale advance sale in the first week, and we continue to see sales generated from this original list—giving the campaign a 15x total ROI to date

In addition, we can use this email list to convert additional leads who may still purchase tickets in advance of performances beginning in March 2024, and have created a solid first-party data list to utilise as we build further lookalike models closer to previews.


Open Rate


Total ROI to Date