Case Study


The Ad Council hired Situation in 2018 as the social agency of record for their internationally-acclaimed public service campaign, “Love Has No Labels,” which encourages people to examine and challenge their own implicit bias. While the campaign’s inaugural PSA and subsequent video campaigns have achieved tremendous views and engagement on an annual basis, Situation is tasked with breathing life into the campaign on a daily basis by developing and sharing content that continues to move the public towards greater love and acceptance across all “Love Has No Labels” social touchpoints.

The Solution:

We create content for all of the “Love Has No Labels” social media channels and manage their community engagement with the mission of integrating diverse images of love into cultural conversations. These include everyday demonstrations of love, inspiring quotes, and bold statistics that speak to the progress we’re making as an inclusive society.

With that mission in mind, we employ innovative strategies to drive engagement and are early adopters of new features released by key social platforms. During the first year of our tenure as the social agency for “Love Has No Labels,” we incorporated interactive Instagram Stories into the brand’s social strategy for the first time and amplified the message of their 2018 short film, Rising, across all social accounts through channel-specific social activations.

The Results:

From April 2018 – March 2019, our work resulted in major increases in engagement and social community size across the “Love Has No Labels” channels. On Instagram alone, the brand saw a 24% increase in engagement. Additionally, with the aid of our promotional efforts in support of the release of the short film, Rising, all of the “Love Has No Labels” social channels saw their largest spikes in engagement all year.


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