Our office is buzzing this November and we want you to know what we’re excited about this month. There are always so many campaigns we admire, new features we want to try, and ideas we can’t wait to bring to the work we do together. So we’re putting it all in one place monthly and sharing it with you! Got something to add? Have a follow-up question? You know where to find us!

This New Feature

Facebook now supports 250-person chats in Groups: The idea is that users in big groups will be able to have smaller conversations about things like local meetups that may not be relevant to the entire group.

Why this matters?
This is an additional feature of Groups that can allow brands to strengthen connections within their communities.

This New Campaign

Nebraska Tourism Commission launched a new marketing campaign, changing the state’s slogan from “Nebraska Nice” to “Honestly, it’s not for everyone.” The campaign has generated mixed sentiment – but has definitely captured attention.

Why this matters?
Sometimes messages to a tourist market can be overused or redundant. This campaign is an example of not only an authentic approach to marketing but also one that naturally builds buzz.

This New Idea

Last month we launched our first campaign with Just Premium, a new vendor we’re working with to provide programmatic, rich media options for our clients. The Metropolitan Opera is utilizing their capabilities to promote Tosca. While Just Premium can run self-managed through Display & Video 360 and use an entire network of websites, The Metropolitan Opera wanted to specifically target to target people who contextually might be interested in Opera. We’re trying three different ad units with the Met that can include static images and video. Take a look at these previews of each to get a sense of the capability: Classic Floor Ad, Pushup Billboard, and Mobile Sticky.

Why this matters?
We love trying out new platforms, working with new partners, and constantly finding new ways we can add value to our clients. The more new ideas in our world, the better.