Marketing Challenge & Objectives

Mean Girls wanted to establish itself as a Broadway brand with its own identity while maintaining the tone and humor fans love about the movie. As a show and brand that is the essence of pop culture, we knew we had to have a social and digital presence to match.


We knew existing movie fans would be quick to join our Broadway community, but we had to find a balance between remaining true to what they know and adding a Broadway-spin to our brand identity and humor. The theatergoing community was a longer-lead process, as we had to prove our position within the theater world. We knew age was a factor in how we would reach this specific theater-going community, so we had to strategically release content and tailor our messaging accordingly.


Our strategy differed slightly based on audience, but we knew to reach all audiences we had to showcase our humor, wit, and relevance to elevate our brand voice and conversation around the show. To overcome the perception that Mean Girls was just a movie, we made sure to put our Broadway spin on our content and activations leading up to performances.

To reach younger audiences, we used social media to share our unique voice and provide an in-depth glimpse into the unique voices of specific characters. As a show about high school students and with a social audience of millennials and Gen Z’s, we had a unique opportunity to speak directly to our fans, as peers, in an authentic and personal way.


Leading up to Broadway previews, we wanted to generate awareness – specifically among the theatergoing community. To do so, we activated where the most passionate Broadway fans would be – BroadwayCon, a three-day theater fest in NYC. We executed a three-day digital and live activation over the course of the event. On-site, we put up lipstick mirror decals leading fans to call a phone number that resulted in a custom voicemail from Gretchen, teasing out our stunt the following day. On social, we executed a similar campaign via text, where fans received a custom text message and were later directed to our site. The following day, we captivated attendees and took over the conversation by handing out / sharing on Instagram Stories, Broadway Burn Book pages of the most notorious Broadway villains.

Leading up to Opening Night, we continued to use our social channels to build connections with existing and prospective fans. We took the content from the show and made it relevant to 2018 – with FaceTime videos from the Plastics, Instagram Lives, fake text message threads from the characters and character commentary on pop culture, from dating apps to the Super Bowl. We used our content and character voices to speak directly to fans – and our fans noticed, as they flooded to the comments, “laughing out loud,” thanking us for hilarious content and even saying our brand is one of the few to understands the lingo of millennials.

When it was time to release our music, we knew we had to make a major moment and reward our loyal fans. Following the first single performance on the Tonight Show, we released a music video of the cast studio recording the next day. Fans went crazy, and couldn’t wait to hear more. Then, the day before our cast album digital release, we wanted to surprise our passionate fans. We executed the first-to-market Instagram Stories Fooji campaign, which we drove fans to a private landing page that hosted an exclusive clip of a never-before-heard song. We generated emails, new followers and a ton of video views. The teaser drove even more anticipation for the full album release.


  • BroadwayCon Activation:
    • 370K Impressions on our Burn Book Instagram Stories from our BroadwayCon activation
    • 1.9K calls and 4.7K text messages, generating 2.6K clicks to the website from our BroadwayCon activation
    • Positive conversation from fans and New York Times reporter Michael Paulson
  • Social Followings/Conversation:
    • More than 195K followers to date across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
    • Conversation among influential followers including Jimmy Fallon, Lin Manuel Miranda, Judd Apatow, RuPaul, Mindy Kaling and Tyra Banks.
  • Music Release/Fooji:
    • The Fooji activation resulted in 22,310 swipe ups to the microsite hosting the teaser and 8,511 video views on the teaser
    • Our “I’d Rather Be Me” music video resulted in more than 674K views across Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram