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In the final days of October, Luxury Daily released a report on entertainment marketing. The article, by Staff Reporter Sarah Jones, covers a range of topics including the “Top 5 trends in entertainment marketing” and interviews with a panel of experts discussing inventive ways for luxury brands to work with films, television properties, musical events, theatrical experiences and more.

“Entertainment marketing is by definition entertaining,” said Damian Bazadona, president/founder of Situation, New York. “It’s a simple concept, but it’s not easy to be entertaining, and today, it’s what separate good brands from great brands.

“Entertainment marketing often takes the form of an event or an experience, and great brands create great experiences for their consumers,” he said.

“Digital media amplifies the magic of the experience. It’s how the impact of an event or campaign can be extended beyond just the four walls of the venue or the limited number of people the space could accommodate.

“And by capturing content that tells the story of the event or campaign, you create another touchpoint that allows you to reach a wider audience and communicate just what the experience of your brand is.”

At the close of the article, in a section devoted to “Best practices for entertainment marketing” Damian advises:

    • “Behave like an experience. Great experiences use each consumer touchpoint as an opportunity to connect with them directly and enhance their experience. And every single touch point matters. Most people flop on this point. They focus on the obvious, shiny objects; but forget the small, seemingly insignificant moments where you can have significant impact.
    • “Don’t overpromise and under-deliver. Creating a remarkable experience is far harder than most people realize. Make the proper investments so you can be successful.”

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