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We are excited to share some of the highlights of this year’s Meals on Wheels conference in Denver that took place in August 29-31. As a partner of the organization, we were privileged to participate in the annual conference that brings together all of the incredible local Meals on Wheels organizations.

Katryn Geane, Director of Client Services at Situation, talked about the social extensions and impact of the America Let’s Do Lunch campaign. She had the opportunity to highlight and thank all of the local organizations for their support and participation.
We are honored to work with such an inspiring organization, and we are committed to supporting Meals on Wheels mission of enabling America’s seniors to live nourished, independent lives.

 Q&A session focused on the America Let’s Do Lunch campaign. From left to right: Katryn Geane (Situation), Anna Rodriguez (Ad Council), Cat Seeger (Anomaly), Heidi Arthur (Ad Council), Patrick Bradley (Meals on Wheels America)

Susan Waldman (Meals on Wheels America) recognizes Tom Gibson (Anomaly), Heidi Arthur (Ad Council), and Katryn Geane (Situation) after a keynote presentation recapping the incredible results of the America Let’s Do Lunch and the #SaveLunch campaigns.
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