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Situation Interactive started with an idea

You know that feeling when you’re wrapped up in doing something awesome, and time zooms by and only later do you realize what a great time you were having? Then, years later, you think back on that crazy experience and your brain and your heart feel all warm and fuzzy?

We know that feeling. We love that feeling. And since 2001, when Situation Interactive opened for business with only a laptop and a phone on a single desk, we’ve been helping to spread that feeling around the world.

Our digital agency is founded on the guiding principle that people are happier when they’re doing things rather than just having things. We support brands that provide those experiences. Brands that transport you, sweep you away, overload your senses, drive you crazy with excitement.

Today, we are among the leaders in creating award-winning digital strategies for top experiential brands worldwide. We maintain an international client base from our New York City headquarters. And we stay true to our mission of doing, not having – and inspiring others to do the same.

Our core values

Our core values are paramount to the way we operate.

Live in beta

Clients, staff and partners share our desire to grow, adapt, evolve and continually improve.

Embrace risk 

Growth and innovation occurs when we operate outside our comfort zone. Support risky ideas.

Thrive on accountability

Take pride in our work. Take responsibility for our actions. Own our successes and our failures equally.

Support collaboration

Find strength in a diversity of voices. Nurture cooperation and instill the importance of confident teamwork.

Be authentic

Celebrate who we are and who we want to be. Remain trustworthy, open and honest about ourselves and our business.

Bring passion

Love what we do - passion drives innovation.