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We promote your "gather round" moment on broadcast and beyond

No matter how many opportunities there are to catch a season premiere or series finale after the fact, nothing compares to seeing it in real time. We navigate the evolving landscape of television and get viewers to tune in when you need them most.

A sampling of our client experience in the television world includes:

Our Work in Action

We wanted to re-energize the national fan base of Legally Blonde, many of whom live outside of the NYC region, to help fuel word-of-mouth for the first ever airing of an entire Broadway musical on broadcast TV.

Our solution was – trivia! We invited our Legally Blonde loyalists through an exclusive email to participate in a trivia contest which ran online during the broadcast premiere.  What started with a phone call from the star of Legally Blonde, the campaign triggered text messages throughout the broadcast.

Over 6,000 entries were recorded over the 3 hour period of the broadcast and the productions fan club message board added thousands of new applicants.  As icing on the cake, Legally Blonde led its timeslot on MTV which prompted the creation of the reality series The Search for the New Elle Woods.

Opinions & Insight

Who Says TV Is a Dying Medium?

By Damian Bazadona of Situation Interactive, (Published on Media Magazine)

It’s clear that the way we watch television and the very meaning of the word television have been radically altered over the past decade. After all, who needs to watch a big box at a particular time, in a particular place, when we have YouTube, digital recording devices and Hulu?

Consumers’ television habits have simply evolved with technology, and it has completely stretched the definition of what television programming actually is. It’s the very change in definition that has the business trades publishing goofy stories claiming “television is king” one week and crying “television is dying” the following week. The definition and the supporting metrics are drastically different, and it’s become difficult to have a serious, constructive conversation on the overall health of the industry.

What we do know is that the two simple words on demand have shattered the confidence in the long-term value proposition of television advertising. A true on-demand world for television means shifting consumer behavior from passive receptivity to active engagement on their time and terms. This is very different from what television has always been for me. The metrics in how the media is purchased and their effectiveness measures will be significantly different. It ultimately means a whole new thought process for doing business in the world of media. It’s all quite exciting when you think of what the evolution could actually look like for the industry.

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