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We inspire opening weekend moments for electrified audiences

Spoiler alert! Moviegoers want to be a part of your film’s collective buzz. Tactical planning gets audiences away from their home entertainment systems and onto box office lines by tapping into that deep-seated desire.

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Our Work in Action

We were charged with connecting existing fans of Lord of the Dance stage performance with the excitement of the Lord of the Dance 3D film. The film had a limited run, so we needed to inspire fans to get into theaters while there was still time.

So we went right to the source! We took a camera crew to the New York premiere, interviewed Michael Flatley himself, and had moviegoers share their love of the movie with us. We shared the videos on Facebook and YouTube throughout St. Patrick’s Day.

The response from fans was overwhelmingly positive. And it was announced nearly 10 days later that Lord of the Dance 3D would be extending its run.

Opinions & Insights

What the Oscars Really Tell Us

By Damian Bazadona of Situation Interactive, (Published on Inc.com)

In a sea of Hollywood hype, the Academy Awards offer up a reality check. (No, really.)

There are plenty of things to love about the Oscars. Whether you're a fan rooting for your favorite stars, a fashion-minded viewer paying attention to who's wearing what, a creative type focused on the achievements in artistry and technology behind the scenes, or simply an ordinary moviegoer seeking out the best in breed for the year, the Oscars continue to be a celebrated global event.

But throughout the evening—through Billy Crystal's one-liners, Cirque du Soleil's magical performance or even the overpowering self-congratulatory speeches (I couldn't resist)—the show and its vast history deliver something far more important than the actual telecast.

What the Academy Awards really are: a truth filter for moviegoers. By filtering the glut of movies being marketed to us daily with billions of dollars in advertising, the Oscars give us a look at the best of the best.

Now, I work in the entertainment industry, marketing a range of experiential brands (including some awards shows). I can tell you firsthand, after sitting in on several focus groups with entertainment buyers: There is a bond of trust that makes award shows successful. People trust them. (Read more.)